Welcome to the Dermatology Surgery Center

Founded in 1999, The Dermatology Surgery Center has been dedicated solely to the treatment of skin cancer.

Dr. Scott W. Meyers is an ACMS (American College of Mohs Surgery) fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Meyers has been in practice since 1999 and has performed over 30,000 Mohs procedures (achieving cure rates of 97-99%). These high cure rates plus Dr. Meyers’ concentrated focus on reconstruction has allowed his practice to narrow it’s focus to skin cancer exclusively.

Many of our patients travel long distances for their treatment.  We  recognize the time commitment and cost necessary to travel to Tulsa.   To help, we make every effort to minimize the number of visits. Often the procedure can be done on the first visit and all follow up care can be provided at home. Therefore, many patients only need one visit to Tulsa.

Dr. Meyers is dedicated to excellent surgical care and cancer cure.  If you have skin cancer and have been referred, we welcome you to our practice. We hope to exceed your expectations in the treatment of your skin cancer.